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Provided with One Year of Warranty! 

Rycom NC001- Mommy Hana Edition (Giraffe) is an
Electric Automatic Portable Nose Cleaner that suit
for Newborn & Toddler. This nose cleaner comes
with 3 different sizes of silicone probes: 0-3
month baby, 3month-1year old baby & 1year
above. It also features hygienic disposable caps
for better cleaning. Moreover it equipped with LCD
display and 3 types of musical melody. 
During their first year, babies respire through
their nose as they do not know how to blow their
nose, therefore it is absolutely necessary to
maintain a strict hygiene (preferably with a nose
cleaner) to avoid infections and other
complications. Following a cold, the nose cleaner
enables the suction of nasal secretions that is
blocking the baby's nose and rendering his
breathing difficult.

Condition : new
Brand : Rycom
Model : NC001-Mommy Hana Edition (Giraffe)
Color : Blue-Pink Giraffe
Pattern : comes with music 3 music option 
1. Old Mac Donald
2. Mary Had A Little Lamb
3. If You Happy And You Know
volume control : 3 level of volume 
Suction Speed : 3 Speeds Level
Maximum suction power at 50 kPa 
Size : 196*86*53mm
Weight : 400g

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