Compatible Adaptor Medela Freestyle or Swing Maxi

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This AC Adapter is designed to use with Medela 12V pump in style advanced, Swing Maxi and Freestyle breast pumps.

Please see your breast pump's face plate or motor to see if it says 12V or 12VDC. It weighs only 3 ounce, and is 80% lighter than Medela original's adapter.

Unlike Medela's adapter, this adapter is light and compact, and it will not fall off from the outlet. It has worldwide input voltage 100 240V, so you don't have to worry about voltage changes in different countries.

All you need is a proper connecter to fit with different outlets in other countries. This adapter is UL listed and has multiple safety features.

It won't get overheated after several hours of use. It is safe to use in offices and houses.

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