MEDELA Swing (Lactaequip Set)

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The only single electric personal use pump with breakthrough 2-Phase Expression Technology for maximum milk flow. First researched and developed for hospital breast pumps, 2-Phase Expression is an advanced pumping pattern that mimics a baby's natural nursing rhythm by pumping in two distinct modes.

Stimulation mode: To simulate your baby's initial rapid sucking to start your milk flowing

Expression mode: To simulate your baby's slower deeper sucks to express your milk gently and efficiently.

  • Swing is designed for Moms On the Go!
  • One touch let down button designed for faster milk flow
  • Convenient, easily fits into a purse or briefcase
  • Efficient, adjustable speed and vacuum
  • Mobile, use on a laptop, belt clip or shoulder/neck strap


Product includes:
* 1x Swing motor unit
* 1x PersonalFit Breastshield(24mm)
* 1x Connector
* 1x Tubing
* 1x Valve head & membrane
* 1x Breastmilk Bottle
* 1x Bottle Stand
* 1x Multi-Lid
* 1x Mains adapter
* 1x Bag
* 1x Sling
* 1x Calma-feeding device

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